Stongate's Mission Statement

Stonegate Faith Center... Gateway to Victorious Living

Stonegate Faith Center’s Mission Statement:
For the past seven years, you have been in my heart and on my mind. That’s when the Lord first spoke to me about establishing Stonegate Faith Center in Bedford, Indiana. Martie and I have been praying for you, believing God for you, and loving you long before we scheduled our first service. You are so big in our hearts. We may not yet know your name, but you’ve been on our prayer list for quite some time. We can’t wait to meet you in person.
God has commissioned us to do two things in Bedford and the surrounding areas—tell people that God loves them and then equip them with the Word of God to live victoriously in this life. You may have been hurt in church before. You may have been turned off by religion. You may have experienced much rejection and negative circumstances in this life. That’s OK, because we’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to dwell in darkness anymore. God isn’t mad at you. He loves you, and He wants to show you a better way.
Never before has there been such a time as this—a time when so many people are hurting and without hope. Never before has there been such a need for a church to love on God’s people—not condemn them. That’s what Stonegate Faith Center is all about—loving God’s people. We want to give hope to the hopeless; love to the unlovable; and strength to the weak in spirit. We certainly don’t proclaim to be perfect, but we know One who is, and He is leading us and ordering our every step.
It’s not by accident that you’ve happened up on website today. It was a divine appointment. We have been praying for you to find us so that we can love you and give you hope through Christ Jesus. Whether you’ve been raised in church all your life or you’ve never stepped foot inside a church—we’re here for you.
We are a church with big dreams. But, that’s OK because we serve a big God. We have faith to believe for the impossible because we know that through Christ Jesus—all things are possible. Together, we are going to do big things for God in Bedford and the surrounding community. It’s an exciting time to serve the Lord, and we are fired up! Come join your faith with ours and step through the gate—the gateway to victorious living. We’ll save you seat…
Pastors Jan and Martie Spaulding
The vision of Stonegate Faith Center is to lead both believers and nonbelievers through the gateway of victory, enabling them to live victoriously in every area of their lives.
That gateway is a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ through the Word of God and a deeper relationship with Him.

Stonegate Faith Center is committed to teaching, nurturing and building up a mature body of believers who will walk in God’s supernatural love and the fullness of their callings on this earth. Together, we can accomplish much before the Lord’s return.

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